In recent times the use of cannabis has grown tremendously due to its wide therapeutic benefits. For ages, people have wanted to find some alternate way to deal with pain and disorders but have limited options other than medicines or medical procedures.

However, people have always been optimistic about trying out traditional treatments, particularly for chronic pain that stays longer and does not go away easily. The cannabis industry has grown significantly, and Forbes stated that the market value would cross $31 billion in 2021.

The use of cannabis is rising in the US, and the country also dominates in global sales. Today, it is legal to use cannabis in nearly 34 states, and 18 have also allowed people to home grow it. The cannabis market is progressing because people are viewing cannabis as an alternate form of finding relief.

The legalization and option to home grow has given a tremendous boost to the cannabis market. Today, there are dozens of distributors that offer the best marijuana seeds the online USA. You can buy the seeds, and home grows cannabis to fulfill your medicinal needs.

What is Cannabis?

The three terms you may have come across are cannabis, marijuana, and hemp, and some may think they are all the same. All three plants originate from the Cannabaceae family that consists of over 170 species.

Cannabis is a term used to define the genus of a flowering plant, and it is divided into three categories called Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants.

The cannabis plant contains more than 100 different chemical compounds called cannabinoids, and the two popular ones are THC Tetrahydrocannabinol and the best CBD genetics seeds Cannabidiol. The THC element causes intoxication or feelings of ‘high sensation’ when people smoke it or eat food containing it.

On the other hand, the CBD element is potentially beneficial for treating anxiety, acne, chronic pain, eating disorders, epilepsy, muscle spasms, seizures, and multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana is since long been categorized as a banned substance because it contains a high concentration of THC that causes intoxication. But there are different strains of marijuana that contain varying concentrations of both THC and CBD.

The hemp plant contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. The seeds of the hemp plant can be consumed or processed to deliver hemp seed oil. The flowers of the hemp plant can be used to extract CBD, which can be used for skincare products.

You may come across numerous websites to buy cannabis seeds online, but not all are legitimate and may not provide you with what you ordered. When purchasing high-quality cannabis seed, you also need to consider the state rules.

How Cannabis provides Pain Relief

Cannabinoids are similar to chemical compounds present in the human body that control various functions such as movement, appetite, memory, and emotions. The research on cannabinoids suggests that it may help to

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower muscle pain and inflammation
  • Eliminate the cancer cell and slow the tumor growth
  • Restore appetite

The human body has an internal endocannabinoid system ECS that involves cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Both the receptors are present in the nervous and immune systems. The CB1 receptor deals with emotions, thinking, appetite, and memory. The CB2 receptor is linked with the immune system response. The THC part attaches to the CB1 receptors while the CB2 receptors treat pain and inflammation.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis?

Cannabis contains over 100 different chemical compounds, but CBD provides relief for not one but dozens of medical issues and problems. The medical benefits of cannabis include

  • Stress and Anxiety

People think of flu, fever, and other chronic pains as a medical diseases and do not think that mental illness is also something that needs treatment. Stress and anxiety are the most common problems that many people experience, even more often than flu or fever. Unfortunately, there is no one medication to solve stress and anxiety, but CBD may help to reduce anxiety and stress levels. CBD is known to instill calmness and feelings of relaxation.

  • Chronic Pain

Most people try to take over-the-counter medications and drugs to relieve chronic pain but do not get the desired result. CBD oil can provide a more natural and effective solution as CBD compounds can interact with endocannabinoid receptors and reduce inflammation and pain. CBD oil is used to treat arthritis, muscle spasms, and multiple sclerosis.

  • Cancer-related Symptoms

Cancer is by far the most stressful and painful chronic disease that is spreading at a startling pace. There are various types of cancer, depending on the part of the body that cancer cells grow. CBD can reduce cancer symptoms and treat the effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, appetite loss, vomiting, and pain. The common side effects of chemotherapy are vomiting and nausea, for which many drugs are ineffective, but CBD is quite effective.

  • Acne

Skin is the largest organ, and skin allergies are quite common. It is reported that more than 9% of the population is affected with acne that can be caused due to genetics, inflammation, and overproduction of sebum. CBD is termed the best remedy for acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and lowering sebum production in the skin. The CBD compounds stop the sebaceous glands from secreting excess sebum.

  • Seizures and Autism

Due to its sedative and anti-anxiety properties, there have been different studies to support the use of CBD to control seizures. Cannabis helps to calm down children having mild symptoms of autism and stabilize their mood.

  • Quitting Smoking and Drug Withdrawal

Most people get addicted to smoking and drugs, which weakens the physical and physiological function of the body. It is quite challenging for a person to quit smoking, and there is also no immediate treatment. CBD may effectively allow an individual to quit smoking and easily adapt to the withdrawal symptoms from any drug addiction.

  • Glaucoma

One of the common eye problems is ‘glaucoma’ that puts pressure on the eyeball. Cannabis is an alternate solution that relieves the pressure on the eyeball for people who have glaucoma.

  • Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes happens when inflammation in the immune system impacts the cells present in the pancreas. CBD eases the inflammation caused in the pancreas and helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and improves blood circulation.

  • Mental Disorders and Alzheimer’s

Many individuals experience PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder and ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which impact cognitive abilities and loss of concentration. CBD is said to improve focus and help with the fight or flight response.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the common chronic diseases caused by cognitive degradation, which is natural as a person ages. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis make it best for treating Alzheimer’s.

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Different Types of Cannabis

The word ‘cannabis,’ as mentioned earlier, refers to the genus of the flowering plant. The genus is further classified into three categories that Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. The cannabis Sativa is said to have an energizing effect, while Cannabis Indica is said to have a calming effect. The hybrid plant is said to have a combination of the two.

Cannabis Sativa

Hemp, which is known to contain a high concentration of CBD, is said to come from the Cannabis Sativa plants. The defining factor for cannabis to be legal or not is the concentration of THC. The US Farm Bill allows the cultivation of hemp plant that contains no more than 0.3% of THC. Plants having more than 0.3% are considered as marijuana.

The cannabis Sativa plant is known to provide a stimulating or relaxing effect. The therapeutic benefits include reducing anxiety, increasing appetite, relieving headaches, and improving focus and creative skills.

Cannabis Indica

The Cannabis Indica comes with a wide range of medical benefits. The Cannabis Indica helps provide pain relief, relax muscles, improve sleeping patterns, relieve inflammation, and reduce stress.

The people living in the 34 states where cannabis is legalized can buy, produce and even sell medical cannabis seeds, but the genetics seeds Ohio consultations cannot cross state lines. The three variants of CBD containing varying levels of CBD and THC are

  • Full-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC compounds but in little or trace amounts
  • Broad-spectrum CBD is present in the natural state, but the THC compound is removed
  • CBD Isolate means that all other cannabinoids have been removed, resulting in isolated and 99% pure CBD
  • Pros and Cons of Medical Cannabis

There are four popular ways to use medical cannabis, which are

  • Orally through oils, capsules, and tinctures.
  • Vaping is the quickest way to ingest the cannabis compounds
  • Consuming cannabis-infused edibles such as gummies
  • Topically through lotions and creams that are infused with CBD oil.

CBD products for medicinal purposes are widely available in health stores and dispensaries, but it is better to get your dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Cannabis is found naturally, and there is little risk if a person consumes it alone without any other pain medication. Any person taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines must consult a doctor before consuming cannabis in any form.

Each individual’s body may react differently to medical cannabis. One person may be taking some regular medicine for pain relief which may interact with cannabis chemicals and cause side effects. Some of the effects that people may feel include

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Low blood pressure

The common or mild side effects of consuming cannabis are fatigue and an upset stomach. The US DEA Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug or controlled substance, same as heroin or ecstasy. The debate on the medical benefits of cannabis has been going on for years. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of medical cannabis

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Low blood pressure

The common or mild side effects of consuming cannabis are fatigue and an upset stomach. The US DEA Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug or controlled substance, same as heroin or ecstasy. The debate on the medical benefits of cannabis has been going on for years. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of medical cannabis


  • Effective in relieving chronic pain
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Decrease the effects of chemotherapy
  • Improve appetite


  • Impact short term memory
  • If administered by smoking, then it can damage the lungs
  • Smoking also increases the risk of cancer
  • There is a risk of abuse and addiction

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing seeds online, you need to know what strain you want and the breeders who can provide it. As cannabis is still categorized as a drug, it can be difficult to get detailed information. A reputable breeder is the best place to start as they know key details about cannabis seed genetics and Cannarado genetics seeds. On the online website, you can view the grower’s notes and final pictures of the strain.

While searching, you may come across ‘unstable genetics,’ which means that the origin of the seeds is not known. It is better to buy a packet of seeds from a breeder who can specify where the seeds come from. An expert breeder usually puts the strains through various rounds of testing to balance the genetics that can ensure that the growth of new strains will be premium and consistent. One plant can produce a large number of buds on harvest time.

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