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Narkush xs Bruce banner red stem named 1gas Kush their hybrid 50 50 Sativa Indica* 10 percent genetics variance will result in affordable CBD hemp seed product that is pure Bruce banner or pure Narkush * 90 percent purity seed 90 percent germination. Naming it 1gas Kush some the best CBD hemp seeds product in USA expression plant I personally ever saw. Very few negatives vary drastically due to the f1 stage. in my opinion going to be starting in new better genetics hitting the scene, they were bred specifically to be medical. Grows vigorously broad-leafed on Sativa body lots spacing unless under direct light gets broad stocky gets bushy leafy extreme quality harvest some best tasting highest medicinal value, I’ve seen covered in trichomes on red stems has a tendency to turn completely red has out of this world appearance when finished. huge yields expect 1 gram watt indoors to 1 kilogram a meter outdoors expect 2.5 kilos a meter. company name global attribution services.