We do not accept refund returns disputes or responsibility for any actions. Header disclaimer all products sold are adult genetic souvenir’s gifts bird food or fishing bait. No germination, transport any place illegal. 1gas.com may be seasonal at first until grows in size . Logo < original 1 gas kush Bruce banner xs narkush. Unless you want too feel like thee kid that got left out if your serious collector I would consider these before their gone. You should pick 1gas.com because thee goals bringing highest quality products for lowest prices. Once in a life time creation rare almighty narkush xs Bruce banner named 1gas kush you will be first ones with a limited time creation. I don’t know when their will be another time too locate this genetics another time 1gas.com for many years and vouches impressed by seeds we provide you. When grown professionally our favorite plants. You should pick up some 1gas before their gone we don’t know how long supply will last these are release orginal f1s . Moneys being used too help people buy cars houses start buisness general reasons. –about us in no way dose 1gas.com want too considered in a bad light will only associate with moral legal ethical things too keep things in everybody’s best interest in 1gas.coms view. I am good at heart wanting too establish farmland, homes , vehicles for people. genetic researcher preservationists trying spread seed too develop new better versions of thee plant. I dream 1gas.com helps out thee general public culture supports freedom and privacy helps develop some best genetics in next thousand years establish a new standard product quality. I believe I have have a short time and use my time efficiently. thee website may run outta products and restock once a year 1gas.com want too be 100 percent open company we do not accept returns refunds accept responsibility liability for anything .— products  1 narkush xs Bruce banner red stem named 1gas kush pheno f1 how ever you inventory them can do single seeds for inventory space 10 seeds another space finally 100s another space maybe different packaging something.. their hybrid 50 50 sativa indica* 10 percent genetics variance too pure bruce banner or pure narkush * 90 percent purity seed 90 percent germination. Naming it 1gas kush some thee best expression plant I personally ever saw. Very few negatives varys drastically due too f1 stage. Grows vigorously broad leafed on sativa body lots spacing unless under direct light gets broad stocky gets bushy leafy extreme quality harvest some best tasting highest medicinal value I’ve seen covered in trichomes on red stems has a tendency too turn completely red has out of this word appearance when finished. huge yields expect 1 gram watt indoors too 1 kilogram a meter outdoors expect 2.5 kilos a meter. company name global attribution services. 3995 Corbin street Columbus Ohio 43207.

This 100 percent original document that absolved Justin Hartley from any damages occurred any liability responsibility too anything. Legal disclaimer the users of this website acknowledge information under their own free will and accept privacy policy terms and conditions. This seller does not do anything that can compromise relationships with financial institutions credit cards banks noting illegal able harm them in anyway. Cannabis seed is illegal to germinate in countries around world 1gas.com only sells seeds as collectable adult genetic souvenirs or for bird food fish bait we refuse to sell seeds too anybody we suspect too do anything illegal including following germination in place that is illegal, transportation too illegal location, any other illegal action we analysis legality and background every sale with investigative prowess in best interest all partys. USA warning under controlled substance act section 201 of the Act 21U.S.C. §811 © any seeds germinated from 1 gas can be subject to laws and lead too fine and imprisonment. International warning 1gas offers seeds on belief that they will not be used break any laws regardless of location knowing this change all over. we will hold any responsibility for any seed that is lost or confiscated in a place that’s illegal as 1gas customer you are restricted 9from transporting 1gas seed too any place it’s illegal to possess cannabis seed. In regards too legal germination places we work continusly to test germination rates and strive to provide best results possible were restricted actual germination rates. 1gas does not offer absolutes guarantees, returns, refunds. We act accordingly to send out best products possible in timely professional manner.1gas will not accept any liability for disputes. 1gas does not want conflict with any law of any sort all purchasers of seeds are responsible for their own actions upon purchase transfers all ownership. All images and information on 1gas.com are too be used for research and educational purposes only no unlawful acts. Justin Hartley will file civil and or criminal actions against anyone committing any of the following improper use of website, content, breach of terms and conditions. The deal between participants be determined by laws of U.S.A all disputes must be taken up in regards too its boundarys. Ownership global attribution services 3995 Corbin street Columbus Ohio no tobacco sales or sales too anyone under 21 anybody trying commit crimes illegal location anything compromises legality or integrity.