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1gas.com adheres to data protection act and dose everything in its power to protect your personal data it has no use for your personal information is not trying resell information in any way. Any information stored as profile back up to give promotions alerts you have rights of refusal contact. 1gas.com dose not try send spam any kind. Cookies logs and policy cookies are information logs allowing us to adapt your experience better on site you can accept or deny them. 1gas collects meta data names email address contact information for ease access no sales too third partys. Regarding links too other sites that may leave or domain be aware changing terms and conditions and 1gas domain anything outside 1gas domain were not liable responsible for anything. We never release personal information too third partys unless we have permission or required by law. Global attribution services Columbus Ohio 3995 Corbin street Columbus Ohio 43207 you may request data we collect on you under data protection act 1998 a small fee due contact alwaysamazing167@gmail.com  you can opt outta anything. *List of all thee cookies we collect I’m not sure yet going ask you. *